Racke Strategies and Technologies (RST) evaluates technologies, develops and supports clients in the execution of strategies for business development, market entry, the growth and maintenance of international partnerships and in the development and support of science and technology R&D program development and growth. As a part of this work, RST supports and advises clients on the establishment of international collaborations, business partnerships and joint ventures. In recent years, RST has supported and selectively participated in launching new enterprise opportunities, business development activities and long-term management responsibilities associated with international collaborations between U.S. and overseas partners. This experience spans a range of technologies and scientific initiatives including new energy technologies, climate and environmental monitoring, advanced sensor-based systems and technologies, medical and biotechnology, advanced optics and laser technology, advanced photonics, advanced nuclear reactor technology, risk management and mitigation, remediation processes and treatment technologies for the handling, clean-up and storage of hazardous materials.